Another Friday night, another arrest for a famous street artist as cops in Boston locked up Sherpard Fairey, the man who made a name for himself with "Andre the Giant OBEY" images nationwide and this year gained even greater notoriety for his Obama HOPE posters that quickly took on an iconic status throughout the presidential campaign. Fairey was arrested before an ICA Museum event where he was set to DJ in celebration of the opening of his exhibit there. The charges stemmed from graffiti around town connected to the OBEY campaign from years ago. The warrant was issued two weeks ago, yet police seem to have allowed Fairey to make a public appearance with Boston Mayor Thomas Mennino to promote his opening. Fairey says the arrest is his 15th nationwide. Museum patrons at the event told the Boston Globe they only held the artist on a higher pedestal now saying "it shows he has integrity" and "he's even more of a hero to me now."