2008_09_silverspeaks.jpgThe Observer's Azi Paybarah took this great photograph of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver with today's instant classic "Count Shelly Dracula" NY Post cover.

Apparently a Post photographer held up the paper as Silver responded to a question about "tabloid coverage," saying, "Well, I’ll tell you the truth. Media is having trouble in this town and I hope I help them sell a few newspapers today." Then a few questions later, he realized the newspaper was in front of him and the incumbent swatted it away.

Silver had just come from voting in today's primary elections. Paybarah asked him about his unusually aggressive get-out-the-vote effort (he actually put up a re-election website), to which Silver said, “I think what’s clear is, never take anything for granted. The special interests are, in fact, supporting the campaigns of my opponents." We're sure those special interests are buying today's Post in bulk for posterity--or eBay.

And if you're a registered Republican or Democrat, vote!