2005_05_sheldonsilver.jpgNY State Assembly Sheldon Silver told NY1 that he doesn't see a "great need" for the West Side Stadium. And as one of the the three votes on the state committee to approve the financing plan for the stadium plan, this is not sounding good for Mayor Bloomberg or anyone hoping for a NYC 2012 Olympics. What more, Silver thinks that NYC's chances for the Olympics are a "long shot." Gah! As you may remember, the okay to build a West Side Stadium is a big part of what will influence the IOC to truly consider NYC as an Olympics city. Now, not that being a NYC 2012 flunky has to be part of every NYC politician's agenda, but Gothamist is surprised he'd have so little faith in an effort that has tied many people, both Republicans and Democrats, together. At any rate, the slow pace of rulings to greenlight the West Side Stadium has left the NY Jets to do some contingency planning to the tune of staying in NJ.

Gothamist on the West Side Stadium.