2008_09_ssilverdr.jpgShelly Silver doesn't think the commuter tax (repealed back in 1999) sucks! The Assembly Speaker, who opposed congestion pricing, said he was open to revisiting the tax, given the state of the economy. But, the Daily News reports, "Silver said he wants the GOP-controlled Senate take the lead in resurrecting the commuter tax," which seems unlikely, since Senate Majority Dean Skelos's spokesman said, "The NYC commuter tax was a particularly onerous and unfair tax." (The Sun explains it's a "tax of 45/100ths of 1% on the earned income of people who work in the city but commute from elsewhere.") As for other pols, Senate minority leader Malcolm Smith doesn't like it, Governor Paterson hates it and Mayor Bloombers really hearts it, "I've been screaming about commuter taxes for as long as I've been here."