The Sheepshead Bay folk aren't taking the idea of a sex shop moving in as lightly as the Park Slope parents did. On Tuesday a store called KamaSutra opened in the neighborhood, and now locals and a local politician are rallying against it. According to the area blog, the risqué window display is, perhaps, a little too provocative.

The shop, owned by a man going by the name of "John," sells lingerie, sex toys, novelties, massage oils, and of course, water pipes—for when you want the total experience. "John" told the blog, “A place like this is going to work anywhere. We’re all the same. We all use lingerie, we use toys. This can work anywhere.”

The store is on the same stretch as a ballet studio, a karate studio, and a kids' store, however—which may not be the best area to be hawking dildos. But since the store doesn't stock pornographic magazines and videos, or have live shows, they can stay put... until the townsfolk come torch the place, that is.