A sheep doomed for slaughter almost escaped her fate today when she broke free from a butcher in Sunset Park. Unfortunately, a Red Hook artist got involved and now the sheep is back in slaughterhouse custody. Earlier this afternoon we received a report over the wires that there was a "vicious goat" running down Third Avenue in Brooklyn, but according to DNAinfo, the goat was a sheep, and was panicked, not vicious:

"My girlfriend and I were driving down Third Avenue when we saw a [sheep] running down Third Avenue," said Red Hook artist Coke Wisdom O'Neal, who was driving with his artist girlfriend, Mira Aldridge.

"We chased the [sheep] down the street. I was afraid it would get hit by a car. It was running around in the middle of the road," O'Neal added. The couple corralled the terrified animal into an air condition duct factory, Fun Air & L, where they cornered it in the backyard, Aldridge said. "It was not vicious but it was definitely scared. It was hiding underneath the air conditioning thing," Aldridge said. "It was scary because it was so big."

O'Neal tried to save the sheep by lassoing it and calling PETA, in hopes they'd take it to a happy farm sanctuary upstate. But before any of that could happen, the NYPD swept in and took charge, and an employee at the Al Noor Halal Meat Market on 21st Street reclaimed the sheep.

She will be killed tomorrow, but don't be sad, it's all for religion. The sheep will die for Eid Al-Adhha, the Muslim holiday that honors Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son for God. Of course, Abraham never went through with the sacrifice because he heard the voice of God telling him to put down the knife at the last second. So maybe if we all pray really hard tonight God will tell the butcher to let the sheep live!