2006_02_25_sheek1.jpg For obvious reasons, we're always interested in who the players are in current political administrations (we mean, who isn't?). In that vein, today's Times has a good look at Bloomberg's top political strategist/deputy mayorfor intergovernmental relations Kevin Sheekey.

So, let's say hello! Sheekey, a 39-year-old former Democrat was the chief of staff for Daniel Patrick Moynihan before he went to work for Bloomie. He's the father of young twins and has been called the "chief architect of Bloomberg's political career."

Asked about his reputation Sheekey told the Times: "My priorities are the mayor's priorities - my job is to do what he wants to get done."

To wit: After helping get Bloomberg elected the first time, Sheekey left the administration in 2003. To help run the Republican National Convention. While doing that he started to occasionally consult for Karl Rove. After the convention he got back on board with Bloomberg and was paid nearly $700,000 to manage Mikey's re-election campaign, making "him one of the highest-paid campaign managers in history." After Bloomberg won last year he created Sheekey's new title as a reward.

Photograph by James Estrin for the New York Times.