Image - New York Times

Pfc. Lynndie R. England's face has shown up in several of the disturbing photographs of Army reservists abusing prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison. Today the NYTimes began to dissect the 372nd Military Police Company, which Lynndie and at least five other accused call home, revealing a rag-tag group composed of death row prison guards and traveling salesmen.

Lynndie England, who has been photographed pointing amusedly at a prisoner's genitals and dragging a naked Iraqi by a leash, was earning money to go to college and become a storm-chasing meteorologist:

As a girl, she loved violent weather and stood outside to catch glimpses of lighting storms and even a tornado, her parents said.

She joined the Reserves over her mother's objections while she was in high school because she wanted money for college.

Lynndie's mother makes sure to mention that the family easily could have afforded tuition, but that "she had to do it on her own. She's stubborn like that."

Not stubborn enough, Mrs. England. Not stubborn enough. One does have to wonder what would have happened if she had taken her mother up on that offer.

The Times also mentions reports that Lynndie is pregnant, and that she was romantically involved with another one of the 372's accused, Specialist Charles Graner, whose violent behavior led to his ex-wife issuing "at least three orders of protection against him" since 1997.

Just another sordid detail in the (woefully unblogged?) scandal that makes Gothamist sick.