According to the Post

, the ex-wife and daughter of the Reverend Al Sharpton "were arrested [Friday] night after berating a pair of Harlem cops who pulled them over for running a red light in the wrong lane to get around their slow-moving, unmarked cruiser." The incident began at West 110th Street and 8th Avenue, when Dominique Sharpton, allegedly frustrated by the unmarked cruiser, "honked her horn and tailgated the vehicle" and then "furiously swerved across the double yellow line and sped through a red light to get past the cop car."

When the police pulled over the car, Sharpton and mother Kathy Jordan apparently disputed the cops' version of events in a "belligerent and argumentative" fashion and were taken to a station house in handcuffs. There, they were issued desk appearance tickets—Sharpton for "resisting arrest, and issued summonses for crossing a double yellow line and running a light" and Jordan for "resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration."

A lawyer for Reverend Al Sharpton told the Post said, "How what was apparently a minor traffic dispute ended up with two arrests with desk appearance tickets is highly questionable and unusual. We will pursue all answers in this matter." And the Reverend Al himself Tweeted this morning:

"I am getting calls that NY papers are reporting that Kathy and Dominique were cuffed and then released after challenging police on a traffic incident. Even though Kathy and I are not together, she remains my best friend and top supporter and of course dominique is our oldest child. I met with them and the attorney after the rally yesterday and was told to stay out of it. Dominique is grown and certainly can handle herself. Kathy showed the concern any mother would show. I cannot imagine how two unarmed women with no record, could be taken in cuffs from a traffic dispute with NO personal or property damage involved. No drugs or drinking at all. Well this is what we deal with everyday. We will never accept unfairness.