One less headache for Knicks coach and General Manager Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden: The Reverend Al Sharpton has called off his boycott and protest of Knicks games. Now, if only the Knicks can convince their fan base all is not lost!

Last month, a jury believed former Knicks marketing VP Anucha Browne-Sanders' allegations that Thomas and Madison Square created hostile work environment and awarded her $11.6 million. Thomas said, during an 11-minute segment of his deposition, that, relatively speaking, it was okay for black mean to refer to black women as bitches but it was less acceptable for white men to do so, prompting Sharpton to say, "We are calling on him to apologize because of what came out during the deposition."

But now Sharpton says that the entire deposition showed Thomas feels such language is inappropriate during a press conference with Thomas and Thomas' wife Lynn. Sharpton said, "When people say, 'Isiah Thomas said it,' in the sports vernacular I say, 'Go to the tape,'" thereby freeing people of protesting at Knicks games. Yeah - the only protests will be how sucktastic the Knicks are - many, many boos are expected tonight when the opening line-up is announced during the game against the Timberwolves.