A few days after a cop was indicted for vehicular manslaughter and DWI for the death of Vionique Valnord, her family appeared with the Reverend Al Sharpton yesterday. NY1 reports that Sharpton told his supporters to monitor Police Officer Andrew Kelly's trial, "It is important this this officer faces justice, so that people understand that the law is the law no matter who breaks the law. You don't get a break. There's no excuse for a policeman to be driving drunk."

Last month, Valnord was trying to hail a cab in Flatbush when a SUV fatally struck her. Driving the car was 30-year-old Kelly, who was off-duty; he stayed at the scene but refused to take a Breathalyzer. Seven hours later, when a blood alcohol test was finally given, Kelly's blood alcohol measured zero; other cops may have tried to help sober him up. Kelly's lawyer claimed that his client tried to save Valnord's life, though there are conflicting accounts.

Yesterday, Valnord's widower Seni Kassime said, "I want justice. The policeman who killed my wife... I want justice."