The Reverend Al Sharpton, who has been representing the family of police shooting victim Sean Bell, weighed in about the taxi driver who Bell shooting cop Michael Oliver allegedly assaulted 12 years ago. Sharpton held a press conference, where he said that revelations about Oliver show that's he's "inappropriate at best, and biased and racist at worst."

Oliver allegedly told immigrant Moussa Ndiyae "I don't know what you're doing here. I'm going to send you back to Africa" after pushing him roughly into Ndiyae's cab. Sharpton accused the NYPD of concealing information from the Queens DA's bell shooting investigation. So far, the Queens DA's office hasn't commented while the NYPD denies concealing any information.

And Sharpton is in the news for reasons relating to the 2008 Presidential race. New York magazine's Intelligencer reports that Barack Obama's campaign believes that Sharpton has an "agreement" to support Senator Hillary Clinton. Sharpton and Obama supposedly mended fences a few weeks ago, but talking doesn't mean endorsements! A Sharpton source says that the Clintons are working hard to ensure Shaprton's favor; for instance, "Bill called Sharpton to offer condolences after James Brown’s death, the source says; Obama only wrote a note." Well, two things are for sure: Any sort of Shaprton-Obama feuds make for good rumors and Sharpton won't run for president in 2008.

Finally, Sharpton and Russell Simmons held a rally this morning about the alleged incident where G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo assaulted the 14-year-old son of a rival management company. Last week, Sharpton criticized the violence, saying, "The blood that binds us is deeper than the record labels that divide us."