Yesterday, the NYPD held a gun buyback at the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network in Harlem. People received $200 for each gun they turned in, and 350 guns were dropped off. Sharpton denounced the gun violence and how some embrace it, "This culture where they walk around with 'Scarface' on their chest and romanticizing thug life is no longer acceptable." And Police Commissioner Kelly said of stats where 98% of shooting victims are black or Hispanic, "Now this is I find deeply disturbing. The society should not accept it, the community should not accept it, this police department should not accept it."

An EMT from Mount Vernon turned into two guns his brother kept in their house, telling the Daily News, "I'm all for gun safety... I get calls to respond to victims of gun violence all the time, and I have kids in my house."

A woman whose son died from a gunshot wound said, "Once it happens to you, you're ready to get involved, but I'm urging before, even as it gets worse, let's try to get a grip on this on now. My 17-year-old is gone."