Last night, the Reverend Al Sharpton participated in the monthly Critical Mass rally and bike ride. In his introduction of Sharpton, civil rights lawyer Wylie Stecklow noted Sharpton's relentless fight for civil rights and against unfair police practices. Stecklow also pointed out the Sharpton-led May 7 civil disobedience event was much more peaceful and was actually civil, compared to what many Critical Mass riders have experienced (the police didn't use orange fences to contain protesters, actually stopped traffic, made repeated warnings they would start arresting people, and processed the 200+ arrestees relatively quickly).

Sharpton emphasized unity, whether it's protesting Sean Bell's shooting or Critical Mass arrests, gentrification in Union Square or gentrification in Harlem. Video above, and here's one quote:

This is the picture they don't want to see. People of all ages and all backgrounds and all races that will stand together because as long as they can play one community against each other, they get through the middle. It's when we gather as historically as Union Square that the powers that be have to turn and buckle...Whether you're fat or skinny, gay or straight, we are all Sean Bell. We are all riding for justice.

Bell's fiancee Nicole Paultre Bell thanked the crowd for their support and Bell's father William Bell struck a light note, "Justice is nice, but I just wanted to see Rev. Al ride a bike."

According to Time's Up, "The NYPD actually gave a lot of tickets last night and was in full force throughout Manhattan catching cyclists in different intersections. A lot of no bells and riding outside the bike lane tickets. Somebody actually got a ticket for parking his bike to close to a fire hydrant." However, most cyclists had a good time and are willing to risk it again next month.