2007_03_alsharpt.jpgYesterday, Reverend Al Sharpton was joined by the Reverend Jesse Jackson to encourage to african-Americans to trace their roots through family trees. Last week, the Daily News revealed that Ancestry.com genealogists had traced Sharpton's history and found that his great-grandfather was a slave that had been owned by an ancestor of Strom Thurmond's. Sharpton even appeared on the Daily Show (after a segment about the news, titled "Ebony and Irony") to discuss the news - see the video here.

Now the Daily News shows a list of items owned by a dead plantation owner that includes "One Negro Boy Coleman - $276." It seems to suggest that amongst the estimated values of trunks and sitting chairs, someone also listed Sharpton's great-grandfather. Sharpton told the Daily News, "It's like, you know, last week I was stabbed in the heart and now they twisted the knife. It's graphic. It's unthinkable people could think of other people like that."

Ancestry.com geneaologist Megan Smolenyak requested records from a South Carolina historical society that shows "The half of a Negro boy Coleman - $125.00" listed in another will. Sharpton said he only met his great-grandfather once, and said, "We have ignored the real scars of slavery. It can be a story to redeem America, or America can remain in denial."