kellysharpton.jpgThis past weekend, Al Sharpton welcomed NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to the headquarters of his National Action Network in what the New York Post described as a "cozy lovefest." Despite fierce criticism of police behavior over the years, Sharpton invited Kelly to his HQ in an attempt at what Kelly called "a new climate of respect and change."

The Daily News reports that some responded to the invitation of NYC's top cop with grumbles, but mostly Kelly received applause. Kelly spoke for 30 minutes and addressed the department's new policy of issuing breathalyzer tests to officers in the wake of police shootings––a policy change initiated by the shooting of Sean Bell after undercover detectives killed a man after surveilling a bar for illegal activities. Sharpton said the meeting was refreshing after almost a decade of Mayors and commissioners who seemed unresponsive to engaging in a dialogue. Kelly insisted that the mutual respect between the two men was long-lived, and dated back to Kelly's days on beat patrol.

And related to Sharpton's efforts to stop the recording industry from using derogatory terms: The National Action Network response to rapper David Banner's comment ("The next time you see Al Sharpton, tell him I said f--- him and he can suck my d---") is something to behold.