Yesterday, Rockaway Beach was cleared when some people enjoying the water noticed sharks. Or maybe just one shark. One surfer told City Room, "It swam right under my buddy’s board as he was paddling out, and some surfers paddled away around the jetty," while another later said, "I got here when it was happening, and I think it was three baby great-whites." However, the best account comes from NY1.

One beachgoer told the station, "There was a girl on a board and the shark was tugging at her leg, her strap. She was out with her father, and when she looked down the shark was circling her board. And when her father looked around to reach for her, there were two more sharks circling around. When they came in, they alerted the lifeguards and [the lifeguards] did a very good job of getting everyone out of the water."

Swimmers and surfers were cleared out of the water for 45 minutes and then it was back to enjoying the water. Apparently the beach was also closed on Friday after a shark sighting.