0807jaws.jpgIt's shark season! The first reported spotting of the summer happened at Jones Beach yesterday, as beach-goers trying to cool down spotted a 4 or 5-foot long shark in the bathing area (the shark was noticeably smaller than the recent one spotted with surfers in Florida).

Newsday reports that some swimmers had a Jaws moment and screamed "Shark!" around 1:30 p.m yesterday, but the lifeguards were quick to act, and caught it with their bare hands! It was just a baby, after all, and not really threatening according to experts; though one woman was treated after she "panicked, vomited and nearly fainted because the shark was close to her in the knee-deep water."

The lifeguards held it in a container until the appropriate state parks officials came to take it away. The shark was released miles from the shore in the Atlantic Ocean, and the swimmers were welcome back to the water by 3:30 p.m.

Last year there were several shark sightings in the area, from Rockaway Beach to the Met...no one is safe!

If you want to see some sharks without getting in harm's way, the Discovery Channel's Shark Week begins July 27th.