With shark populations on the decline, some unlikely supporters are coming to rescue the species: their victims. Did you know that 73 million sharks are killed a year to make shark fin soup? (Usually the sharks are finned, then left to bleed to death in the water.) Yesterday nine shark attack survivors got together at the United Nations to ask the sharks be saved from this, and other cruel, unnatural fates.

One Florida woman, 44-year-old Debbie Salamone—whose Achilles tendon was severed during her attack—said it took her a while to get to this point, adding, “I was not a big fan of sharks at the time. I was making plans to eat shark steaks.” She then asked, "If a group like us can see the value in saving sharks, can't everyone?" She's part of the Pew Environment Group, and according to the Daily News, they say that 30% of shark species (including great whites) are threatened with extinction or are on the verge.

The NY Times reports that Pew, along with other groups worldwide, will be taking this week to urge nations to strengthen protection policies for sharks.