A tipster sent us this photo taken today on the Hudson River Greenway. To the untrained eye nothing seems out of the ordinary here: bikes and cars sharing the road in Utopian harmony. But although it looks like a normal street, this is actually a bike path; the car here is supposed to be over on the left on the West Side Highway. What makes this really galling is that this photo was taken on the same bike path where a drunk driver killed 22-year-old cyclist Eric Ng back in 2006.

In that incident, the driver, Eugenio Cidron, left Chelsea Piers and drove nearly a mile on the bike path before killing Ng. Cidron was later sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. Cidron had driven over a plastic pylon to enter the path, and though he was intoxicated, the fact that this keeps happening suggests that maybe DOT should do something to make the bike path more obvious to the stupid/wasted eye.