Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown tonight—it's the beginning of the Jewish high holy days, the ten most sacred days of the year for Jews. Everyone has their own way of taking part in the tradition, whether they're Jewish or not: the NYPD is celebrating by ramping up security in and around synagogues. Gus the retired bomb-sniffing dog who lives in a Brooklyn Heights synagogue is getting a vacation from barking and sniffing stuff. And of course, the Muppets will be dancing throughout the whole evening (at least this song will be dancing in your head):

President Obama recorded a Rosh Hashanah message which reaffirmed his commitment to Israel. The FDNY and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman both sent out Rosh Hashanah tweets for the occasion. And Troy from Community is eating bagels and lox:

If you don't already have tickets to a synagogue tonight, there are still some fun events you could participate in to assuage any lingering guilt over not flying home to eat honey and apples with your parents. The NY Observer points to the Guest Of A Guest-approved "Quintessential Holiday Experience" party, as well as the High Holidays At The Loft.

We'd also add that some OccupyWallStreet folks have already set up a Shabbat Solidarity Potluck for this Friday in Zuccotti Park, and we would be none-too-surprised if some good Samaritans brought some food tonight as well, and a makeshift shofar was sounded.

Finally, our very own Mayor El Bloombito leaves us with these inspiring words to start the new year: "Feliz Rosh de Hashañah los Jewbadors!! Mayo tus be que written en el libro de life! Que shofar blows!"