wv_0724.jpgOoh, the nice weather arrived a day earlier than Gothamist expected, making for an enjoyable Sunday. Dry air is streaming into town this morning. The dew point temperature has fallen precipitously in the last couple of hours.

What better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than lunch outside at the Shake Shack? With temperatures around 80 degrees and a pleasant northwest breeze we recommend a hamburger, cheese fries and a half bottle of the Napa Valley Cabernet for a reasonable $38. It will be slightly warmer this evening, but after a day of hard work at the computer we'll be replenishing ourselves with a second city bird wurst, regular fries, the Arnold Palmer and a summer peach custard sundae with bananas and whipped cream.

Although the Shack isn't open for breakfast anymore, Gothamist has had good luck finding tasty scraps behind the building in the wee hours. Tomorrow morning will again be pleasant, with a low temperature around 70 and not a cloud in the sky if. A great morning for freegan foraging. The humidity returns around lunch time tomorrow. In case the foraging doesn't pan out we recommend a double shack burger, fries, and a couple of the Brooklyn Pilseners. There's nothing quite like protein, fat, and alcohol to make a dull afternoon at work fly by. It'll be quite warm and humid by dinner time tomorrow. A light meal of a taxi dog paired with a half-bottle of the Billecart Brut champagne will hit the spot.

The remainder of the week is looking hot and humid. Not quite as hot as last week but our afternoon temperatures will approach 90. To cool off we'll be stopping by the Shake Shack on Wednesday because sour cherry is their custard of the day. As long as you're going to stand on line for an hour to get a sour cherry sundae with Valrhona chocolate chunks, whipped cream and hot fudge sauce, you might as well also order a delicious Shack Stack and a large fresh-brewed iced tea. There's a slight chance of rain Wednesday through the weekend so bring your umbrella.

Water vapor satellite showing the dry air (in brown) from the National Weather Service.