Today is Citi Bike's one month anniversary! To mark the occasion, the DOT has sent out a "statistical report card" on the program, which now has over 100,000 members. Here's the propaganda:

  • Number of trips (as of 5 p.m. June 26): 528,991, more than the population of Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Sacramento and hundreds of other US cities
  • Number of trips in the last seven days: 200,823, roughly equivalent to the entire population of Akron, Ohio, or Des Moines, Iowa
  • Total annual, weekly and daily subscriptions purchased: 113,692, nearly the population of Berkeley, California; 50,000 annual members, equal to the population of Hoboken
  • Estimated miles traveled to date: 1.28 million, the equivalent of 50 trips around the Earth
  • Estimated number of calories burned since launch (assumes an average of 40 calories per mile biked): 50 million, the equivalent of 91,000 Big Macs or nearly 52,000 entire pints of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream
  • Average number of rides on each of the 6,000 Citi Bikes: 88

Of course, there are a number of interesting Citi Bike stats the government left out of its report, namely:

  • Number of legal actions: At least three.
  • Number of insane comparisons to the Taliban: One, but that one goes a long way.
  • Volume of whining screeching from DUMBO: Deafening.
  • Number of Citi Bike riders spotted on the car level of the Brooklyn Bridge: One, so far...
  • Number of Soul Cycle classes given on docked Citi Bikes: One, which is MORE than enough.