Hey, whatever happened to the "Sexy Banker"? You know, the ex-Citigroup employee who looked like "tits on a stick" and gave us nine full days of wonderful summer fluff and filler? Well, she's busy trying to not be famous by turning down television opportunities and an offer from Playboy. As she posed in yet another tight-fitting blazer for the Daily News, Debrahlee Lorenzana told them, "I don't want to be famous. I try to stay away from that."

The Queens mom is currently working at another big-name bank where clients sometimes recognize her, and continues to wear the same outfits that her Citibank bosses allegedly told her were too sexy and distracting. She also said that while the media attention was flattering, "It kind of distracted from what is really the bigger picture of women being harassed at work... If people in the future still remember my name, I want to be remembered as a woman who stood up for her rights." Not for putting herself in front of the camera for a documentary about her adventures in plastic surgery where she said she wanted to be shaped like "a little Playboy Playmate." No fame-seeking there, folks.