A Brooklyn man was arrested yesterday and accused of sexually assaulting at least three women over the last month. Federico Chamorro Yax, 22, has been charged with assault, sex abuse and forcible touching in the assaults. But police are not yet sure whether Yax is the same person as the man/men who have been terrorizing women around Park Slope for the past few months, and warn that he may be a copycat.

Police say that Yax approached a 30-year-old woman on 65th Street in Brooklyn on Sept. 4, and reached up her skirt. Then this past Sunday, cops say Yax attacked two 22-year-old women around 3:00 a.m. in the Sunset Park area. Yaz allegedly grabbed one and fondled her, but the women fought back, struggling on the ground with Yaz. Eventually, one of the victims punched and scratched him till he fled.

At least one woman has been raped and 10 other women have been sexually assaulted around Park Slope, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge since March. Police believe there may be two or three suspects behind the attacks, and one law enforcement source told PIX11 News that copycats have become a concern as the investigation into the pattern of assaults continues.

Cyclist and walker volunteers have offering to escort women home from subway stations amid community concerns that the police are not taking reports of sexual assaults seriously.