OMFG, a new study has come out showing that 33% of teens and young adults have sexted. Which is to say they have shared and/or viewed sexually explicit photos or messages on their phones or computers, according to the NY Post. Since there have been at least two suicides reported after girls had their nude photos "sexted" around, the matter is being taken seriously... but shows no signs of letting up.

The paper talked to some city teens, and one on the UWS told them, "You'd be surprised how often it happens — everyone sends racy messages to each other. A girl likes you and she will sext you to get your attention. You can't see each other, so she'll send you pictures of herself, her body."

Another student noted, "It's irresponsible, because once you send it, you can never take it back, and who knows what will happen to the message once it's out there." Which brings us to James Lipton. Yes, James Lipton. He's the talking head for a new cell phone campaign that declares, "Before you text... give it a ponder."

Next time you're sexting, think of all the possible "Tweets about your beets." More reasons not to sext after the jump...