While the prudes in Sheepshead Bay may want to torch the sex shop that recently moved into the neighborhood, other parts of New York City welcome sex toy purveyors with open arms (and legs). According to the Daily News: sex sells! Still!

The paper notes that online sales at places like Amazon.com, as well as sales at storefront's like Brooklyn's Shag, are on the rise. Shag co-founder Sam Bard tells them, "Everyone says thank God you opened—it's about time. Each month's been better than the last." But that's to be expected when you sell things like custom-made dildos, right? (Babeland has also seen an 13% spike in overall sales.)

Bard credits the bad economy for the booming business, saying, "more couples are staying at home to save money, so rather [than] spending $150 on a one-time dinner, they will spend the same amount for toys that will continue to be used indefinitely." But what's everyone buying? Best sellers include the "Magic Wand Massager," and the "Doc Johnson Lucid Dream multispeed waterproof stimulator." You guys are making us blush.