Gag is right, eh? Yesterday we learned that a rich prince from Southeast Asia paid over a million dollars to commission six life-size bronze statues of himself having sex. Now a judge has ordered the lawyers defending the other lawyers whom Prince Jefri Bolkiah is suing to stop talking about the statues, but the pervy cat is already out of the bag. Today's Post headline snickers, "Very picture of deca-dunce," and the tabloid takes a long look at Jefri's lecherous legacy.

Prince Jefri has reportedly spent billions of dollars on call girls, hundreds of cars, hotels, paintings and a yacht named Tits; in his 1,788-room palace you'll find giant gold tigers that served as the base of a coffee table with precious stones in their mouths; and he's been known to enjoy the company of up to 40 hookers at once at London's Dorchester Hotel, which his family owned. (They also owned the Palace in New York.) The Post also recalls that Former Miss USA Shannon Marketic, now 38, sued the prince and his brother the sultan in 1997 for holding her against her will as a sex slave in Brunei.

Marketic says she and other women were lured to Brunei under false pretences, and upon arrival their passports were confiscated and they were forced into a white slavery ring. Her lawsuit was tossed out of court, and she's previously been arrested for shoplifting and public intoxication, but somehow we don't find this too hard to believe: "You are whores, and I do not know why Boss paid so much money for you," one employee of Brunei's royal family allegedly told the women. "You are the worst group of whores we have ever had over here."

The Daily Beast has more on Jefri's infamous sex statues, and learns that they were commissioned from J. Seward Johnson Jr., a sculptor and Johnson & Johnson heir "more popular than critically acclaimed" who makes waxen-looking outdoor sculptures like the one of the businessman sitting on a bench reading the paper. His spokesperson says he had no idea he was making the sculptures for the fresh Prince, which might explain why he left out Jefri's signature 'stache. A source tells Lloyd Grove the prince was "annoyed when several of the male figures lacked a Jefri-style mustache, and fixes had to be ordered up for the sake of verisimilitude." Whether you're looking for sculptors or sex slaves, it's so hard to get good help these days!