Investigators uncovered the remains of an infant encased in cement and a Rubbermaid container when they broke up a suspected sex trafficking ring in Sunset Park. Federal prosecutors allege that Domingo Salazar, 33, smuggled a young Mexican woman into the country, forced her to turn tricks, and then refused to provide medical care for their three-month-old baby — whose remains were recovered in their 40th Street apartment on Tuesday.

Salazar apparently met and impregnated the woman in Mexico, then told her that she and the child would have a better life if she moved to the United States. After arriving in Brooklyn, Salazar introduced the woman to Norma Mendez, claiming she was his sister when in fact she was his wife. Salazar and Mendez then forced the woman into sex slavery to repay her $2,500 smuggling debt by turning tricks for $17.50 "at a rate of 8 to 15 tricks per shift," and allegedly beat her with bricks and wooden boards.

In January 2008, Salazar refused to bring the woman's 3-month-old son to the hospital when he went limp. The child died that day and Salazar demanded that the woman — who according to the Post was 15-years-old, while ABC reports that she was in her 20s — hide the boy's remains in a cement block inside a plastic tub, according to the affidavit. The container was removed from the apartment and x-rays determined that there was a tiny child inside. If convicted, Salazar and Mendez — who are both undocumented immigrants — could face between 15 years and life in prison.