Hoboken Public Safety Director Bill Bergin is so fed up with the city's St. Patrick's Day Parade that he wants to cancel next year's parade. He described the chaos on Saturday to Hoboken Now, "On Washingtion Street, bottles were thrown onto the people below. A girl and a guy were performing sex in a window when the parade was going by. One person spit in the face of a fireman. There were young, young girls that were blind drunk standing in the middle of the streets, so drunk that they didn't know where they were." And don't forget people were also urinating from rooftops—apparently most of disturbances were not bars but from "house parties." Hoboken mayor David Roberts and other officials will be discussing the parade and its future. Bergin said, "People talk about how much money the city makes from the parade. But if four or five people go falling off one of these roofs, there's no way to make up for this with fines."