A sex offender who had lost his teaching license a little over a year ago for making sexual advances online to several adolescent boys was apparently up this old tricks again while working for E-ZPass. After a supervisor spotted Bradley Dieffenbacher's picture in an article about sexual predators, he had the company's computers searched and discovered that once again the former middle school teacher was sending hundreds of instant messages while searching for sex with minors—17 pages worth at his new job.The Daily News says that it is unclear how long Dieffenbacher was working at E-ZPass, but he was fired immediately after the new material was uncovered and then turned over to the Department of Probation. Dieffenbacer had been arrested last year after police found IMs where he had sexual conversations with several of his former students and attempted to have one masturbate while being filmed by a web cam. He will now head back to jail before his next stab at a new public sector career.