A whiny doctor doing time at Rikers after being accused of sexually abusing his patients while they were under anesthesia was reportedly placed in solitary confinement for 40 days after "disrespecting" prison staff and committing some sort of "sex offense." And apparently, that punishment really sucks! Prisoner Mikhail Sorodsky is asking a judge to order corrections officers to never throw him in solitary confinement again, because he "cannot physically endure any additional time in solitary confinement." Unsurprisingly, they didn't care.

Though Sorodsky also made claims of unfair beatings, it's hard to have sympathy for someone facing 175 charges of sex abuse (his $33 million bond is reportedly the largest in the state). As one source said, "He cries 'abuse,' but the rules are the rules. You don't get to do what you want when you're an accused [pervert]." You can't argue with tautologies.