2007_06_implant.jpgUpper East Side plastic surgeon Brad Jacobs is without a medical license, after the state health department charged him with a number of violations, including smoking crystal meth with a patient as well as placing implants that were too large into another. The Post's headline - "What a Boob!" - while the Daily News goes with "State calls him doctor demento."

Jacobs, who has a practice on East 86th Street and told the Post last September he was opening a "Star Butts" clinic, is accused of having sex with patients after they recuperated in his apartment (smoking crystal meth on one occasion), making patients' breasts much bigger than what they wanted, and "leaving a woman's nose deformed after removing too much cartilage" (Post). And the state health department got into the act after patients sued and complained that Jacobs, as the Daily News put it, "made their breasts so big they fell apart." Eek.

While Jacobs can appeal his suspension at a hearing on June 28, there's also a chance his license could be revoked. You can read the State Health Department's press release here, which accuses Jacobs of gross negligence, negligence, incompetence and moral unfitness.