Those compulsively fornicating police officers who knocked boots more times than either one of them can remember are getting off easy, says a lawyer. Deputy Inspector Valentim Neves and his subordinate Officer Mareli Hnatko both faced dismissal from the force after investigators determined that they had sex "well in excess of 100" times, "both on and off duty, in and out of department facilities, including vehicles."

Neves is being allowed to retire with his pension, though he will be docked two months pay—more than $20,000!—and has agreed to waive two years of accrued comp time worth $300,000. "That's what happens when your penis gets in the way of your brain," a veteran cop tells the Daily News. Hnatko will keep her job, but lose two months pay and be put on probation for one year.

But a lawyer for retired Officer Robin Marable—who's accusing Neves of "treating other women under him unfairly... while lavishing Hnatko with overtime and special treatment"—says his client's getting screwed. Attorney Eric Sanders says, "They're letting him off with this sweetheart deal because he's still protecting upper management decision makers." According to Marable, Neves prepared taxes for high-ranking NYPD officials in exchange for favors and protection through the years.