Once upon a time, if you wanted to do it with strangers, it meant doing it in non-luxury settings like a Bushwick warehouse or a Gowanus warehouse. These were accessible sex parties, open to everyone from debt-ridden millennials to the mean fat cat Wall Street jerk. Typical to our widening gulf between rich and poor though, the New York Post reports that a new out-of-town sex club is opening in NYC soon, and unlike the democratic sex clubs of the city we once knew, this one will cost you $10,000 at a minimum to get in.

The Snctm Club (not using vowels is xtrmly xclsv) will be bringing its five-figure sex parties from California to the city in September of this year according to Page Six. The sex club's Facebook page describes it as "society of likeminded elitists" where you can "enjoy social interaction with individuals of the highest quality," so we guess it's like Bohemian Grove but without the part where the Illuminati decides what day the next global financial catastrophe happens.

Snctm owner Damon Lawner told the paper he's currently scouting for a suitably exclusive location in which his A-list actor, model and "top lawyer" (lol) members can fill each other's holes, with the first party planned for September 10th. As for the sex parties themselves, they come with a strict dress code (tuxedos for the gents, lingerie for the ladies), and Lawner insists they aren't "sex parties," at all. Instead they're "erotic theater" and more about "conversation" and "the artistry of erotica" as opposed to just raw boning. Turns out that sex can be gentrified just as easily as Williamsburg.