2008_04_satcdoll.jpgJust in time for the Sex and the City movie, it's the Sex and the City-inspired "Sarah Jessica Porkher" sex doll! We won't speculate how the NY Post found out about this $20 blow-up doll, but it is hilariously disturbing/disturbingly hilarious.

The doll comes from Pipedream Products, which has a "Super Star Series" (there are dolls inspired by Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and, uh, Tori Spelling).

Their faux publications, like the "Ball Street Journal," praise the product with fake quotes like "We all know she dresses fabulous and really likes it BIG" and "From laptops to lapdances, this high class piece of ass is gonna show you her lower east side!" It's actually much more graphic--NSFW and possibly Not Safe For Your Home and Mental Sanity.

The model on the box looks a lot like SJP, and the Post thinks the typography looks a lot like the Sex and the City font. A lawyer said, "I would think HBO would make an effort to stop this on the basis of trademark infringement...The courts don't look kindly on this type of thing, which demeans the show and tarnishes the star's image."

The eagerly-awaited Sex and the City movie hits screens on May 30.