The Post titillates its readers with a story about the new sex columnists in town: Two students at Gothamist's alma mater, Columbia University, writing for the Spectator. Which then begs the question: What's more interesting, the fact that Columbia's student paper has sex columnists or that students at Columbia actually have sex?

The writers, a he-said-she-said team, use Columbia dorms as pseudonyms say, "Nothing is off-limits. We're not trying to offend people, but there will be people offended. It's hard to be politically correct when talking about anal sex." But some students think it's crass and tacky: A junior tells the Post, "They make it seem that one-night stands are as much a part of the weekend as drinking beer." Well, wait till you graduate, dearie, wait till you graduate, and then'll be a part of your every day.

The columnists admit that questions have been semi-fabricated so far (Jayson Blair - get thee to an advice column!), but since it's a student newspaper and it's about sex, well, who cares. So far, the column, "One Night 'Stend," (named after the West End, which might be clever if the West End didn't suck) has given advice about how to approach that hottie in Lit Hum, what to do when the girl he flirted with at SoHa smells "worse than a taco bar at John Jay" when going down on her or riffs on the double standards of kissing after oral sex. God love higher education. Columbia students, alums, and others, we want your thoughts!

One of the best resources at Columbia is Go Ask Alice, which covers health and sex. But we also found Kristen's guide on how to get out of a Friday night blowjob hilarious and useful.

The University of Michigan student paper on blowjobs, via whatevs.