Well, this is totally reassuring: The Department of Environmental Protection confirmed there is a sewage leak somewhere on the G line that is causing the disgusting smell. A track inspector told am New York, "It's like raw sewage coming from a pipe, disgusting. It smells real bad and makes me want to throw up." Jeez, we want to throw up, too, just thinking about it. The DEP says since the Marcy and Flushing sewer main is "very, very large," it's taking some time to locate the leak. Oh, and the DEP says sewage is not a health hazard to subway riders, which might be technically true, but if someone threw up in the train, you'd call them sick.

Now we wonder if the smells plaguing some really gross stations are secret sewage leaks. Then again, Tien did spot human poo at a G train station, so maybe the leaks aren't so secret. Also, Check out Save the G.

And in good MTA news, the agency will spend $8 million to study ways to improve access to the Mets' new stadium - and some of the money will actually go towards "short-term improvements, such as repainting the Willets Point subway station, and repairing the platform and stairs," according to the Post.