nj_funnel_880wcbs.jpgThe National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern Hudson County in New Jersey and New York County aka Manhattan, in New York. A severe thunderstorm has been moving from around Jersey City and Bayonne northeastward toward Manhattan. There are reports of a funnel cloud. When funnel clouds reach the ground they are considered tornadoes. If a tornado is spotted seek shelter immediately, preferrably in an interior room or basement. Stay away from windows and flying debris. Nickel-sized hail is also possible. Gothamist can attest that nickel-sized hail is painful.

Funnel cloud photo from 880 WCBS

UPDATE 2:55pm: baton down the hatches! Neil has a window that faces the river, and he says another storm is rolling in! Whoa-- major thunder-- Thompson just hit the ceiling!