In a complete turnaround from yesterday's cloudy dreariness, there should be plenty of sun today, tomorrow, and into next week. The slow-moving cold front that provided the city with 38 straight hours of overcast conditions has been replaced by a high pressure system. Highs today should be in the mostly sunny mid 80s in town and the lower 80s near the shore.

There's one caveat to this afternoon's sunny forecast. All the sun will cause those fair weather cumulus clouds to grow by late-afternoon. Arriving dry air aloft should put a damper on that cloud growth but there's a slight chance one or two may break through that cap and cause a shower.

After a bit of patchy fog overnight, tomorrow looks like it will be all sun with a high again in the mid 80s. A bit more heat and humidity should arrive by Sunday but it does not appear to be anything extreme for August. Sunday's high is expected to be in the upper 80s with a heat index in the lower 90s. The "heat" will probably last through Tuesday, after which it will pay to keep our eyes on the tropics.