A seven-year-old Brooklyn boy had the foresight to call 911 earlier today when his mother started convulsing with seizures. Drew, a third grader at P.S. 13, jumped into action just after 8 a.m. in his Hendrix Street home this morning when his mother began shaking on the floor.

The EMS dispatcher kept Drew calm and on the line until officials arrived. Drew's mother was taken to Kings County Hospital in serious condition, but the FDNY tells us she is doing better now. Neighbors told CBS that Drew is a shy kid, but they weren't surprised he was able to handle the situation maturely: “[He’s] a very quiet, low-key kid, not your average run-around-the-block kid. He doesn’t talk much outside but evidently he was talkative enough to save his mom’s life,” said Stephanie Pearson.

The FDNY made five-year-old Tahlique Garay a "junior paramedic" for his life-saving call to 911 when his pregnant mother passed out in their Queens home. And six-year-old Ciara Rogers also called 911 when her mother had a seizure in the middle of the night in Brooklyn.