An undercover NYPD detective bought 74 illegal firearms and ammunition from a group of alleged firearms dealers who have now been indicted on various charges. The transactions took place over the course of a year-and-a-half-long investigation that culminated in the arrest of seven suspects.

"Our message today is clear: if you're selling illegal firearms, we will find you," Mayor Bill de Blasio stated.

At a joint press conference with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton today he added, "We are having this conversation against a very, very painful backdrop."

The Mayor proceeded to mention the shooting death of NYPD officer Randolph Holder while on duty in Harlem.

"We know for a fact that the gun that killed Officer Holder originated in South Carolina," he said. "We keep seeing this pathway illustrated over and over again—a gun from South Carolina kills one of our finest here on our streets."

According to the indictment, Samuel "Scrappy" Barreto allegedly sold 39 firearms, 6 of them assault weapons, to an undercover detective over the course of the last year and a half, introducing the detective to many of the other defendants in the process. Many of the sales allegedly took place in Harlem, in neighborhoods the indictment describes as "residential."

Carl "Unc" Smalls allegedly sold 37 firearms, while Michael Akpan, Michael Rivera, Trayvon Smith and Keith Hughes each sold between one and four. In all, the defendants sold more than $52,000 worth of weapons, including .357 and .44 Magnum revolvers.

Barreto and Smalls have been charged with criminal sale of a firearm in addition to other charges, while the other defendants face conspiracy and other charges.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance stated that following today's indictment, in the past six years his Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit has collected more than 1,000 trafficked guns in NYC.

"These deadly weapons will no longer be able to shoot, maim, or kill New Yorkers," he said. "From victims of domestic violence, to victims of gang violence, to guardians of peace who run toward, not away, from gunfire."

Speaking at a press conference last week following Holder's alleged murder, Mayor de Blasio reiterated the need to curb the flow of guns into New York City.

"This is a reminder of all that has to be done to keep this city safe," the mayor said. "There's a disconnect in our society that somehow people who say they believe in law and order still support the notion of the flow of weapons."