Seven commercial 18-wheelers parked in East New York were discovered in flames shortly before 3:00 this morning, according to the police. Cops are searching for a suspected arsonist and have yet to make any arrests.

No one was injured in the blazes, and police said that traffic wasn't impacted. Five of the trucks belonged to TTS Trucking, a commercial waste hauler based in New Jersey. According to the Post, the company hauls trash from NYC to Pennsylvania.

Ricardo Caballan, owner of a trucking company called Jahali, told the tabloid that he lost one truck last night, and that he's been targeted multiple times recently. “I’ve lost two cabs in this," he said. "This is aimed at us as a business. It’s crazy because there are security cameras on all the buildings.”

Most of the trucks burned early Sunday morning were discovered within a two block radius: at Essex Street and Stanley Avenue, Shepherd Street and Stanley Avenue, Linwood Street and Wortman Avenue, and Linwood Street and Stanley Avenue. An outlier was burned at Chestnut Street and Atlantic Avenue near City Line park.