This is pretty awesome: NYC saved $11 million in various fees because it used the online lawsuit-settling site Cybersettle to handle various cases. NY1 explains: "Lawyers for each side type in proposed settlement figures in three rounds over 30 to 60 days. Each side's numbers are kept secret until Cybersettle sees a match." Has anyone used it? City Comptroller William Thompson (who some suspect may run for Mayor in 2009) noted that more than half of the 1,199 cases put on Cybersettle were successfully settled. More fun legal factoids: 9,000 of the 24,000 lawsuits and claims filed against the city "involve sidewalk, school, roadway, city property, traffic sign and light, motor vehicle, recreation and personal injury cases." Gothamist smells another Law & Order spinoff!

And for your post-penultimate Veronica Mars episode watching plans tonight, there's a Law & Order: SVU with Alfred Molina and Angela Lansbury (J.B. Fletcher on Harry McGraw's turf!) that will conclude on Friday's episode of Law & Order: Trial by Jury! Apparently L&O: SVU and L&O: TBJ are running from 9-11PM tonight. Screw that, Gothamist will be watching Veronica Mars (especically since L&O: SVU repeats on USA in another week or so). [Thanks, Hondo]