As police continue to search for the gunman responsible for opening fire at an off-campus Seton Hall University party, and the school mourns the loss of sophomore Jessica Moore, students are saying that the party was in a dangerous area and had a high risk of violence. Party guests were often patted down for weapons at the door at parties in the area, and one student told the NY Times, “It was just a matter of time; it was almost inevitable."

Bouncers had originally turned away the shooter at the door after he refused to pay the cover charge, but he returned with a gun and opened fire with no target in mind. "He started blowing off shots. [He] shot anywhere, anyone," one witness told the Post. Five partygoers were injured, including Bronx native Nakeisha Vanterpool, who suffered a grazed chin. Moore, who was fatally shot in the head, had run to Vanterpool to help her.

Vanterpool's parents are thankful she's alive, and her father told the Daily News, "No parent should have to wake up to hear your kid is shot while attending college." Vanterpool and the three other victims are all in stable condition. Police have not found the shooter, and are offering $10,000 for information leading to an arrest.