Higher education is Big Business: students who pay the full tuition without assistance had lower grades and test scores than others, and more than a third of admissions deans at four-year colleges are doing more to recruit those who can pay full price. New Jersey college Seton Hall is bucking this trend by giving their smartest incoming students a $21,000 discount—two-thirds off the tuition price. "The primary motivation has been that as we go through what looks like a double-dip recession, we wanted to help our students," Seton Hall's president tells the Times.

Seton Hall, a private Catholic school in South Orange, is giving the discount to those who graduate in the top 10% of their high school class, and have a combined score of 1,200 on math and reading SATS, but no less than 550 on either test (an ACT score of 27 also qualifies, for those ACT weirdos). For New Jersey residents, the discount would make Seton Hall comparable to Rutgers! That is, if you can resist the charm of Piscataway.