Costumed characters from Sesame Street and other children's shows have become a regular fixture in Midtown, where they can make about $80 per day posing for photos with tourists, according to the Post. The tabloid spoke with the men behind the masks, and learned that there's a science to figuring out the rates. "I charge one dollar for some people, and more for others," said José Montier, 40, who dresses as Cookie Monster. "It depends on if they're a big group, if they look like they're rich."

Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse — who reportedly was wearing a sequined vest and a glittery Santa hat that made him look "oddly like Michael Jackson" — accepts cash only. "I no take credit cards," said Oswaldo Soria, 47. "No change, no cash, no dinner for me." Last year, Gothamist reader RGP spotted Elmo and Bugs Bunny collecting cash in Midtown, but this holiday season she found Elmo in front of a house decked out with Christmas decorations in Dyker Heights, where his costume appeared a bit worse for the wear and he allegedly "growled at one of the children."