Though the trip from East Flatbush ranked #1 for the worst neighborhood from which to commute earlier this year, the recent MTA service cuts could be giving it a run for its money. Not only is it taking longer, but many commuters are having a harder time finding a seat. One told NY1, "Forget about that. What seat? You have to be very strategic and find maybe the very back of the train or the very front of the train and position yourself in such a way so you can jockey for position." Psh, savvy straphangers have been pulling that trick for years.

Many riders have also had to stop hitting the snooze button, with one woman estimating it takes her at least 20 minutes longer to get to work. "I spend more time traveling than actually at my desk," she said. But just in case you were ready to give up hope and buy a bike, some bus drivers are taking pity on beleaguered commuters. Many who take multiple buses to work in the morning must pay a transfer if they don't have an unlimited card, but a few drivers wave them on if they know they've come from another bus.

MTA Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee Executive Director William Henderson said, "It's bad enough somebody has to transfer two times to get where they need to go. They shouldn't have to pay two fares." Still, with all the frustration going around, we fear bus driver-punchings may be on the rise.