The NYPD says the subway surfer who was videotaped riding on the outside of a C train last week has been arrested. And this was at least the third time he's been caught doing so, leading one to wonder: does he know something we don't know?

Isaiah Thompson, 22, was arrested on Tuesday and has been charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct for the most recent subway surfing incident. Police tell Gothamist this was at least the third time over the last year that he was caught riding on the outside of a train—he was previously arrested in March and November of 2017 and hit with similar charges, which clearly did nothing to quench his thirst for the thrill of riding uncomfortably while hanging on by his fingertips. (The NY Post says he was arrested a fourth time in September also for subway surfing, though police could not confirm that.)

Straphanger Matt Beary took the above video around 8:30 a.m. on Friday, between the Clinton-Washington and Lafayette Street stations on the C line. Beary says the subway surfer casually hopped off the train at Lafayette Street. "I just wanted to take the video because I thought it was awesome and also scary as hell," he told the Post.

New York City Transit chief Andy Byford told Gothamist: "Riding on the outside of a subway car is incredibly dangerous, disruptive, and foolish - it can cause major delays and easily result in death. This young man is lucky he ended up in police custody and not in a hospital or worse. We’re grateful to the NYPD Transit Bureau for its excellent police work and will assist in any way possible to obtain a strong conviction."

In September 2017—one of the months Thompson was arrested for subway surfing according to the NY Post's sources—the man in the video below was captured on video subway surfing:

He's got that 'I made a big mistake' face #subwaycreatures (@superribbean)

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This is the part where we have to remind you that subway surfing is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really dumb and deadly. Just wait for the next train to come, you can survive waiting five more minutes, and just ride an MTA bus if you want an adrenaline rush.