The Beantown connection in Tuesday's and Wednesday's stabbing spree: A Boston judge allowed Kenny Alexis to be released of his own recognizance thought prosecutors wanted him held on $300 bail. From the NY Times:

The charges against Mr. Alexis in both of the Massachusetts cases were less severe than those he faces in New York. And in fairness to the judge, Mr. Alexis had shown up for two other court appearances, said David Procopio, a spokesman for Daniel F. Conley, the district attorney in Suffolk County, Mass. "He made two and missed two," Mr. Procopio said.

In the Boston case on June 8, Mr. Alexis was answering for two arrests there in March, one for an unruly episode in which he shattered a glass at Logan Airport and another for vandalizing a car, according to Boston authorities. Mr. Alexis had also been arrested in the Dorchester section of Boston in February after he followed a woman home and lingered on her porch, officials said.

In the meantime, Manhattan prosecutors charged Alexis with four counts of attempted murder and are claiming that Alexis is not crazy but a "cold and calculating" attacker instead. Alexis is being examined by psychologists, and there's debate about his mental health. Police Commissioner Kelly wondered if Alexis "might have a mental disorder," and a family friend says "he's not well in the head." Alexis's lawyer also says he is mentally ill.

The Daily News has updates on the victims. First, they speaks with the second stabbing victim, Ambrosio Castro, the restaurant worker attacked on the downtown F platform at Rockefeller Center. He says, "I didn't feel the stab at first. Then I saw the blood going everywhere. My friend ran to get help." Casto is also worried about the hospital bill. And George Dempsey who helped first stabbing victim Christopher McCarthy on the C train saw the hospitalized McCarthy yesterday. Dempsey tried to stop McCarthy's bleeding by holding a rag to his chest, and McCarthy's mother hugged Dempsey and said, "Thank God you were there." And one of the Canadian tourists, who were stabbed last, has left NYC for Montreal.